Lessons from the Mat


Beth O’Brien’s writings on yoga

Beth has written a number of articles about yoga and how it improves individuals’ sense of well being. You are welcome to download these articles and share them with friends.

Click on the links below to open the pdf files in a new window or tab.

Discovering Forgiveness

A yoga class helped me to forgive a friend and rekindle feelings of friendship.

Banish the Blues and Let Your Heart Soar

Yoga lifted my spirits during a difficult time.

Yoga and Its Healing Power

Two of my yoga friends share their stories of how yoga brought them relief from long term health issues.

Preventing Injury in Yoga

Yoga, like any physical activity, can cause injuries—although injuries in yoga are rare compared to many other activities. Learn how to practice yoga safely.

Samsara: Creating Our World

A movie that has no words, and one of exquisite visual beauty, Samsara, moved me to explore the Buddhist concept of Samsara.

What Happens in Savasana

The resting pose at the end of a yoga practice or class creates a unique state of rest and awareness.